Setting Boundaries: 7 Ways Good Managers Get It Wrong

There are some great points raised here. In education the role of manager at the campus level is the administration. Lately I have been contemplating the supervisory aspect of myself as an admin. We must always keep before ourselves that we our goal is to improvement people (teachers) so that we may grow the potential for student learning in the classroom. We win most when we operate from a place of being no directive, when teachers are so vested they seek improvement. We then come alongside to provide support to help them realize their goals of improvement.
Occasions will arise when a clear directive must be implemented and given but the majority of the time we can often reach a positive outcome utilizing the power of relationship.

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Sneakers From Above.Employees know when they have a “nice” manager who isn’t really in charge—and in the end, it makes them feel unsafe. Dr. Henry Cloud literally wrote the book on this topic, but I wanted to share a cast of characters to help represent some of the boundary-challenging habits I’ve seen that can undermine the good manager.

Please don’t be too alarmed if you see yourself in one of these descriptions—that was one of my intentions. I wanted to make it easy for you to identify yourself. After all, you can’t craft a solution until you identify the real nature of the problem. My intention in using the labels is to keep things fun and light, but also to be clear.  Okay, here goes:

The In-Director. You believe people don’t like to be bossed around, and you don’t want people to think you’re bossy.  So you don’t give super…

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